Systemation IT

systems and information technology

About Us

Systemation was established in December of 2005, by David Campbell.

We are an owner-managed business, specialising in IT support for Small and Medium Enterprises, and for home users.

David has been in the IT game for over 20 years now, and still remembers the days of DOS, Novell, IBM and the launch of Microsoft Windows 3.1

Our focus is on the following values:

  • IT support for all of your business and your personal needs.
  • Honest, transparent business dealings.
  • Sincere interest in what is best for you in terms of IT solutions.
  • Impeccable personal service.
  • Feedback, communication and following up.
  • Building a long term relationship with our clients.

We are not interested in becoming another corporate IT company.

Systemation's goal is to properly service and maintain a select number of good clients; to find the balance between size and service.